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ezestartup.com is a site that looks and evaluates realistic "work from home schemes". The main concentration is on sites that recommend surveys, foreclosure, secret shopping, how to start and grow an internet business, foreign exchange and options trading and other activities that offer business opportunities to make money with little investment, apart from your own efforts, with returns in a relatively short time.

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Starting a Home Business

Making Money from a Job at Home

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Trying to make money from home is still not easy. Though, the use of computers and the Internet have led to almost a "bonanza" in this field, with companies ranging from the "shady", to large scale established corporations offering "Tele commuting jobs". Recent economic events have helped this economic sector to grow, as many companies have found that subcontracting home workers is a lot cheaper than having full time employees for which they have to provide an infrastructure. In addition, it is rare to get full benefits, such as health insurance or pension rights, when you work in a Tele-commuting job. But sometimes good salaries and the independence that comes with such a job, can compensate for that.


There are numerous opportunities, but you have to be realistic in your expectations. Beware of the "Golden Dream Merchants", that sell you "opportunities" which enable you to make money while asleep! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

There are possibilities you might want to explore which can, with some effort and a small, or no investment at all, make you money and at the same time, preserve your independence! Below, and in the remaining pages of this site, you will find some of these opportunities!

The main purpose of a good business opportunity has to be to make money in an agreeable environment. In addition, when you have been laid off, the amount of money you can afford to invest, has to be negligible and the risk associated with losing it has to be very low. Now, whether you want to start a business on the internet or elsewhere, is, for the planing part of it, quite immaterial. Both areas of business require a lot of thought, and a lot of work. Using the internet has the advantage that you have an almost instant business presence. However, that does not mean that your site is known and that people can find it, or that it appears in search engines.

Despite claims to the contrary, usually, by guys wanting to sell you their "search engine expertise", it takes weeks and sometimes months, before you appear on search engines like Google, dmoz.org or Yahoo. But, if the site is there, and you have a domain name for your business and good website hosting, you can always point clients to your site, when you talk with them and through your letterheads, flyers and business cards.

In selecting the opportunities, we did not look at whether the business opportunity was something "hip" or "trendy". Instead, we concentrated on whether there was a reasonable chance to succeed, provided, you put effort into building on an idea and, in creating a genuine income producing business from that idea.

When you go out to assess your chances and try to look at a business opportunity, we determined, that the key criteriae in your selection should be:

If you take someone else's idea, the opportunity has to have a purpose and has to be understandable (an amazing number of "so-called business opportunities" offered, simply cannot be duplicated, whatever its originator says)
You have to be able to build up a business and create a survivable income stream within a reasonable time. We have used the time frame of one year.
The entry costs have to be reasonably low, because, being without a job, you have very limited resources to spend. Don't participate in risky schemes. The only winner on those, is the guy who sells it to you.
Your selected business opportunity
  • either has to be in a field you have intimate knowledge (for instance, consulting in a specific area), which you have acquired through the years you spend as an employee, through your hobbies or some other association, or
  • it does not require specific up-front knowledge, over and beyond common sense. In this latter case, you have to be able to acquire the knowledge for running the business as you build up the business.
There is no need to finance, purchase and keep inventory.

The most promising sectors that fit this bill, are either

selling advice, or
providing some type of consultancy, or
coaching, or

or, whatever euphemism you use to describe, that you are telling someone, how to do things. For these types of businesses, an Internet presence is probably a good idea. Other. strangely enough, quite lucrative possibilities, are offered by activities that require some initial physical effort, such as cleaning services, organizing jobs or events, or similar areas. In other words, they often tend to be home based, or are not very glamorous.

But remember, the basic criteria is to make a solid good income with the prospects of making a substantial income within a relatively short time. Of course, once your business starts to take off, you are going to need resources, like an online credit card terminal to track your business and achieve continued success


Some Thoughts

Realistic Income Earning Expectations

You have to be realistic with the initial expected earnings. Any start-up needs a tremendous effort and it will take a bit of time before you get to earnings levels that will keep you in "luxury". If you target goals that are between $1,000 and $2,000 per month during the first year of your operation, you could be within a reasonable range. You might work 10 hours a day for that, but ultimately it will pay off!


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